Best Selling Phones 2021: These 10 phones are selling indiscriminately around the world, users are showing tremendous craze – best selling smartphones 2021 out of top 10 seven mobiles from apple iphone, xiaomi, samsung also in list

Best Selling Smartphones 2021: The year 2021 has proved to be very good for the tech giant Apple in terms of sales and overall performance. The demand for the iPhone has increased among customers and has been the reason why Apple has been able to dominate the best-selling smartphone category in 2021. For the information of you people, let us tell you that 7 phones are Apple iPhone in the list of Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones around the world.

The top 5 phones in the top 10 list are iPhones and this information has come out from Counterpoint Research’s data. Which iPhone models have made their place in the list, let us give you information about this.

According to data from Countpoint Research, Apple iPhone 12 has made its place at the first place with a share of 2.9 percent. The reason behind this happening is not only the price cut but it can also be the reason that the iPhone 12 which is not much different from the iPhone 13.

The second position in the list was again followed by the iPhone 12 series and the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 2.2 percent share. The third, fourth and fifth positions were followed by iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 models.

Surprisingly, even in 2021, there was a lot of demand for the iPhone 11. Let us tell you that in the Indian market too, customers can buy the new iPhone 11 from the e-commerce platform. Budget Smartphone made place at number six, Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with great features.

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Redmi 9A, the budget smartphone of Xiaomi brand at number seven, while at number 8 and 9 again includes two iPhones, whose names are iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 13 Pro Max respectively. At the same time, Xiaomi Redmi 9 has made it to the 10th position.

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