bbnl and bsnl merger: big news! BSNL to merge with BBNL, loss making company will have such a big advantage – bsnl and bbnl merger may completed this month says company officials

new Delhi. Government telecom company BSNL is going to merge. This thing can be flagged off this month. According to reports, this is being done because the company has been making losses for a long time. BSNL can be merged with BBNL. Let us tell you that BBNL is an optical fiber network company. This company was formed in the year 2012 under the name Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The job of this company is that it gives internet access to all telecom companies without any hassle.

If seen, BSNL has a very long optical fiber cable network. The company already has more than 6.8 lakh km of optical fiber cable network. After this, when the two companies merge, BSNL will be given 5.67 lakh km of optical fiber.

BSNL Managing Director and Chairman PK Purwar said that the government had already taken a policy decision for the merger of BBNL and BSNL and the process was to be completed before March 31. Also said, “BBNL is going to be merged with BSNL. This means that all the BharatNet work being done in India will go to BSNL. The government has taken this policy decision.

Explain that according to the telecom license agreements, telecom companies have to pay a license fee of 8 percent of their revenue for selling telecom services. Of this, 5 percent goes to USOF. With the merger of BBNL and BSNL, this fund – which is currently worth close to Rs 60,000 crore – could go to BSNL and help the state-run telco come out of its woes.