ayushman bharat yojna: Initiatives to bring transgenders from marginalized to mainstream, Ayushman TG and Scholarship Schemes

The initiative being started by the central government from Saturday to bring the transgender community of the country into the mainstream is commendable. Under this, efforts are to be made to include them in the mainstream by taking the benefits of schemes like Ayushman Bharat TG and scholarship for transgender children to the people of this community. Gender change surgery and all aspects related to it are covered through Ayushman Bharat TG (Transgender) scheme. Now the two sub-schemes of Support for Marginalized Individuals for Livelihood and Enterprise i.e. Smile scheme also include steps for rehabilitation of people from transgender community and persons engaged in begging. It has been told that they will also be provided ID card under Ayushman Bharat TG scheme. The intentions behind these schemes are undoubtedly noble, but it will take some time to become clear how much of their benefit actually reaches the people of this community. There is no doubt that even today the people of this community have to face discrimination and often abuse at every level in the society. There are some instances in which their extraordinary achievements seem to be recognized, but they are still in the form of exceptions.

Government is bringing SMILE scheme for transgender people, benefits from health insurance to scholarship will be available
Generally, from studies to employment, they either have to hide their true identity or have to bear humiliation at every step. In such a situation, if the government takes any such initiative, so that the people of this community have easy access to health facilities and they can get employment according to their qualifications by studying, then nothing can be better than this. But in reality, how difficult it is to reach the benefits of these schemes to all the people of this community, it is gauged from the experience gained during the lockdown. During that time the government had announced that Rs 1500 would be directly transferred to the account of every person belonging to the transgender community. Significantly, despite being in lakhs, then only 5,711 transgenders could be sent money. The reason was that most of the people of this community neither have any kind of certificate nor bank account. In such a situation, it is very difficult for them to take advantage of any government scheme. Even with the current initiative, a condition has been laid that only those who have a TG certificate issued by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment will get its benefit. Talking about the TG certificate given so far through the government portal, then this number is only 4,921. It is clear that the plan should not remain on paper or mere name, for this efforts will have to be made on a war footing to reach or connect all the people of the community.