Apple gave big advice to iPhone users, if you are also using then definitely read this news – apple advice iphone users who face battery drain issue after ios 15.4 update

After a long wait, Apple recently released its iOS 15.4 update to the users. With this new update, many new features were brought to the iPhone such as the facility to unlock the phone with a mask etc. For the information of you people, let us tell you that for the first time, Apple has admitted that there is a problem related to the battery, but at the same time the company has given a solution or a solution for it.

This problem was reported by users on Twitter and one user’s complaint has now been responded to from the Apple Support account. The company confirmed the issue and said that it is normal for these apps to adjust with the new update and in such apps consume more battery than normal. Apple Support says it’s normal for your phone’s apps and features to adjust to the new update for up to 48 hours.

Apple has given this advice to users
Apple says that after updating your iPhone to iOS 15.4, give it some time so that the apps can settle with the new update. The company has said that after installing the new update, give the apps and your phone at least 48 hours so that your phone can adjust to the new changes.

If the problem is not fixed even after a few days, then the company says to try restarting your phone and even then if the problem does not go away, then show the phone by online chat or by visiting the nearest Apple service center near your home. Overall, as long as this problem remains in the phone, then you should take your iPhone charger and power bank with you.