75 percent reservation in private jobs: Center should take responsibility on reservation in private sector

The Punjab and Haryana High Court rightly rejected the Central Government’s attempt to make the decision to reserve 75 per cent seats for local candidates in Haryana’s private sector jobs as a state matter. The central government had told the court in this matter that since it is a state law, the central government does not consider it necessary to take any stand on it. Therefore, she would not like to comment on this matter. Keep in mind, the Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act 2020 was passed in the state assembly in March last year and after the approval of the governor, it was also notified by the labor department in November. According to this law, 75 percent of the seats in all the posts in the private sector companies, trusts, societies in the state with a salary of Rs 30,000 per month or less will be reserved for those candidates who are residents of Haryana. . Under this, all those companies come, which have ten or more employees. Various industry organizations have challenged this law, saying that through this the state government wants to implement reservation in the private sector, which is a violation of the rights of the employers. Till now, jobs in these sectors have been given on the basis of the merit and skill of the candidates.

It is clear that the direct impact of this law will also be on the prospects of those educated youth across the country, who aspire to go and work in any part of the country on the basis of their ability. In such a situation, it is difficult to understand how the central government can declare this law as a state matter. However, behind bringing such a law, it is a legitimate concern of the state government that it is not able to fulfill its responsibility of providing employment to the youth of its state. But the fact is equally clear that the governments of other states of the country are also facing such a challenge. In such a situation, if one state tries to find a solution in such a law, then other governments will not hesitate to follow it, which can ultimately result in the aspirations of the youth of the country, the sky is the boundaries of their respective states. Let me be imprisoned. It is a matter of surprise that the Central Government is trying to get rid of such an important matter by attributing it to a State Government. It is good that the High Court, showing full strictness, has termed this view as unacceptable. It should be expected that during the next hearing of this matter on Wednesday, there will be a positive change in the stand of the Central Government.