5G smartphones testing: Big news for smartphone users, all 5G phones are going to be junk! Government is going to start testing – government new plan for all 5G phone testing and certification will be done in India

new Delhi. The sales of 5G smartphones in India are increasing rapidly. There are many people who think that if they buy a 5G phone, then they will benefit after the launch of 5G. Today many users of India are using 5G smartphones. In view of the increase in the sales of 5G smartphones, the Government of India is testing their use and is working on a plan to issue certificates after testing.

Now just imagine what will happen to your phone if the testing of a 5G smartphone fails that you are using? If this happens then your 5G smartphone may be junk. However, no clear information has been given regarding this. It is also being said that the government can do their grading. This step is being taken keeping the security of the users in mind.

What do the possible reports say:

According to some reports, the testing and certification of all the 5G smartphones being sold in India has been announced. Now the question must be coming in your mind that who will do this testing after all. So let us tell you that this testing can be done by the Telecom Engineering Center (TEC), the wing of the Department of Telecom. Not only smartphones but smartwatches, wearable smart cameras will also be sold only after successful testing and certification. It is being said that this planning can be implemented from January 1, 2023.

What telecom companies have to say:

Telecom companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have demanded from the Telecom Department not to do local testing and certification. The companies have said this because whenever a 5G device is launched, permission has to be taken from the Ministry of IT and Electronics (MeitY) and Bureau of Industrial Standards (BIS) before that and this is very important. Under this, it also becomes very important to register the electronic product manufacturers. Not only this, Indian safety standards also have to be followed completely. In such a situation, now if the rule of testing and certification applies, then the launch of the device may be delayed.